Fitness & Health

Romeo-Washington-Bruce Parks & Recreation offers a fitness program for any adult, regardless of their experience level.
Residents, ages 18+ (under 18 with an adult) have an opportunity to stay healthy by joining a class or utilizing P&R Fitness Centers. 
Athletic Stretching:
Combo of yoga & bodyweight exercise w/ focus on muscle tone & flexibility 
Cardio Blast:
Low impact cardio w/ a mix of weights, abs & stretching

Interval Combo: Cardio & sculpting exercises using equipment to define and strengthen muscles
PiYo: Low impact for all fitness levels; combo of pilates and yoga
Gentle PiYo: Combo of pilates and yoga; done at a slower pace
Sculpt, Flex, Stretch: Using light weights & bands, promotes stronger bones and increased mobility
Step & Sculpt: Stepping, stretching and strength training

Zumba Basic: Beginners class, slower paced and teaches the fundamentals of Zumba
Zumba: Fun dance moves for a dynamic workout
Zumba Gold:
Lower Intensity version of Zumba designed to meet the needs of seniors
Tai Chi Beginner: Slow paced learning of this Ancient Chinese style of exercise
Tai Chi: Teaches grace, balance, fluidity in movement, a harmonious experience for students

Basic Yoga: Introduction to yoga breathing, standing & balance poses, seated stretches and backbends
Yoga Gentle: Slower paced yoga that promotes strength, flexibility, better circulation and balance
Yoga Fusion: Various styles of yoga combined with physical postures and breathing techniques & strength
Personal Training: Call for more information


Call 586.752.6543 to enroll or for any questions