Level classes are 2:8 ratio +  Include at least 5 minutes per class of diving & jumping skills.
Level 1     (4 yrs+) Front/back floats with support, kicking, alternating arm action & safety.
Level 2     Front & back glides, kicking, arm action, turning over, safety skills.  
Level 3     Diving, back crawl, crawl, elementary backstroke, treading water and safety skills.
Level 4      Stroke improvement, breaststroke, sidestroke, scissor kick, endurance.  
Level 5      Stroke improvement, dolphin kick, diving, endurance for higher level swimming.  
Level 6     Arm movements for butterfly, rescue dives, flip turns & endurance for competitive swim.  
Pre-ones (3-5 yrs) Preschoolers learn basic skills by playing fun games. Introduction to floating & kicking techniques.  
Parent & Tot Water Acquaintance (6 months to 3 yrs):  Self-directed class for parent & child.

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