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Fitness & Health

Fitness Class Schedules

Fall 2020 Fitness & Health Classes
L.I.F.T. Low Intensity Fitness Training Programs

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*Added 4.27.2020

HIIT Training w/Kim Kucway
Zumba (ep. 4) wKim Kucway
STEP Workout (ep. 2) w Anne Gealy
STEP Workout (ep. 1) w Anne Gealy
*Added 4.22.2020
Pilates HIIT with Jamie Bauer-Loricchio

Barre with Jamie Bauer-Loricchio
Zumba (ep. 3) with Shonece Leonard
Full Body Weight Training with Mary Cinder
YOGA with Kim Hamilton
Pilates with Mary Cinder
YOGA & Pilates with Kim Hamilton
Group Fitness with Kim Kucway
Zumba (ep. 2) with Shonece Leonard
Zumba (ep. 1) with Shonece Leonard

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