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STAR's mission is to provide safe and reliable community-based transportation to our
older adult and disabled residents. This millage funded service fosters independence
and self-esteem by transporting our residents to medical appointments, personal
appointments, shopping, educational, and social activities to meet the needs of people in
our community.

SMARTerMobility Information

STAR (Senior Transportation thru Advanced Reservation), operated by the Romeo-
Washington-Bruce Parks & Recreation Commission, provides curb-to-curb
transportation ( door-to-door service is provided upon special request) for residents of
Washington and Bruce Townships who are senior citizens 60 years of age and older,
and individuals 18 or older with a disability that prevents them from operating a motor

It is a non-emergency, demand-response/para-transit service. STAR has twelve
vehicles; seven are equipped with wheelchair lifts to comply with ADA (the Americans
with Disabilities Act).

Service is provided up to five miles beyond the borders of, and including the townships
of Bruce and Washington, and extended to include the hospitals of Ascension
Providence Rochester Hospital, Henry Ford Macomb, Troy Beaumont Hospital, and
doctors’ offices in those vicinities. Trips out of the Townships of Washington and
Bruce are restricted to personal medical appointments, social services, or social security,
or special group trips, for eligible riders that live in Washington or Bruce Township.

STAR's hours of operation are Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m.
and 4:00 p.m. Closings during holidays will be posted in the STAR vehicles or
information can be obtained by calling the STAR office, at (586) 752-9010.

No transportation will be provided for out-of-township medical appointments scheduled
later than 2:00 p.m. Out-of-township medical appoints scheduled for 2:00 pm, or
earlier, must end by 3:00 p.m., and return to the area by 3:45 p.m.

Transportation will be provided for after hour trips offered by the Senior Activity
Center; and will be considered for after-hour activities of the Senior Activity Center, if
requested by four or more eligible riders. A minimum of two-day notice is required for


PLEASE NOTE: To guarantee a ride, please call before 12:00 noon at
least two business days in advance. If scheduling for Monday, call no later
than 12:00 pm on the previous Thursday.

Scheduling for other days can be made between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. by
calling (586) 752-9010, Monday through Friday. You must speak to a dispatcher to
schedule a ride. Appointments may be scheduled up to one month in
advance for medical appointments, and two weeks for all other
appointments. Ride daily if you like, with a maximum of two stops per day.

Calls to cancel a ride may be made between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm the day
prior to an appointment or after operating hours by leaving a message to cancel on
STAR’s voice mail. We appreciate a 24 hour or more notice when possible.

Please supply the dispatcher with the time you will be done with your appointment
when scheduling. We no longer have “will calls”, all pickups are scheduled times.
Please allow extra time for scheduling with the receptionist, the appointment running
longer than anticipating and getting to the outside door. Our dispatchers may find it
necessary to call to check on your appointment to confirm time.

Same-day requests for transportation to doctor's offices will be considered, and will be
contingent on having a driver available for the trip.

Pick-up times for appointments may be adjusted to accommodate other passenger’s
requests for appointments at the same time. All efforts will be made to honor
passenger's schedules in a cost efficient manner.

STAR has a 20 minute "window" when picking up passengers. That means passengers
may be picked-up ten minutes before or after their scheduled pick-up times. Please be
ready 10 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time. If you are running late, after
3 minutes we may find it necessary to leave to keep the schedule running on time.

STAR is supported by a local millage; there is no charge for transportation. If
passengers wish, they can make a donation to STAR by sending in their donation to the
STAR office. Checks should be made out to STAR TRANSPORTATION.

STAR transportation is a curb-to-curb service. Door-to-door assistance is provided
upon request, provided that the walks and driveways have a safe, hard surface and is
clear of hazardous debris and/or ice and snow.

STAR offers transportation from passenger's homes to their point of destination. If
assistance is needed for personal care (such as dressing, grooming, etc.) at their homes,
or at their point of destination, it is up to the passenger to provide their own personal
care giver. The care giver must be 18 years of age or older to ride in a STAR vehicle.

STAR will provide reasonable, door-to-door assistance to passengers using wheelchairs,
provided a ramp is provided at their homes and destination point that does not exceed a
grade of approximately 1 inch per foot; has a non-slip surface; has a rail on both sides;
is free of debris, ice and snow; and has a hard-surfaced, hazardous-free walk and drive-
way. (Please contact STAR Transportation for specifications if you will be
requiring assistance going up and down your ramp from a driver before building
your ramp). Also, the wheelchair must be in good working condition, with foot
supports, and working brakes. The wheelchair must be secured with our restraint

We are happy to transport any mobility device of four or more wheels in proper working
order. Other devices may be deemed unsafe and prone to tipping under normal
operating conditions. If your mobility device is deemed unsafe, please transfer to a seat
and we will gladly secure your device separately.

Passengers from a nursing home, rehabilitation facility or extended care facility will be
required to have an assistant over the age of 18 years with them. The assistant will be
responsible for bringing the passenger to and from the vehicle and accompany them to
any appointments in our vehicle. Our drivers do not go into buildings.

When transporting a passenger using a wheelchair, the wheelchair and passenger will be
properly secured, using a four point tie-down system for the wheelchair, and a passenger

Transportation will be provided for individuals less than 60 years of age, with a
disability that prevents them from operating a motor vehicle. A letter from the
individual’s doctor, stating if the disability is permanent or temporary and that the
disability prevents the individual from driving, is required, and must be approved,
before transportation is provided.

Only personal, trained well behaved service animals that comply with ADA
requirements are allowed in the busses with their owners, and must be on a leash and sit
or lie at their owner’s feet. Please let STAR know when requesting transportation
that you will be bringing a personal service animal.

Passengers riding with STAR are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is
courteous and considerate of STAR employees and passengers. Any passenger
behaving in a manner that is physically or verbally abusive, or behaves in a threatening,
harmful, or unsafe manner that endangers the safety of other passengers, or the STAR
employees, will be subject to loss of service. Transportation may also be denied, to
passengers with personal hygiene that affects the reasonable comfort and health of other
passengers until it is resolved.

Only scheduled stops that have been previously arranged are allowed. The drivers are
not allowed to schedule trips or make unscheduled stops, and all trips must be
scheduled through the dispatcher, by 12:00 pm, at least two business days in
advance. (Medical appointments can be scheduled up to one month in advance-all other
trips can be scheduled two weeks in advance.)

Passengers who require more than door-to-door assistance, (e.g. physical, medical, or
behavior issues), at their home or their destination, may be required to provide a
personal care giver. (The personal care giver must be 18 years of age or older)
are not allowed to enter passengers’ homes)

Passengers who repeatedly cancel for non-emergency reasons, are not home for pick
up, cancel at the door at the scheduled pick-up time; or not ready at your pick-up time
(either at your home or at your destination) may be subject to loss of service.

Passengers must always wear a seat belt and remain seated until the vehicle has come to
a complete stop. Passengers cannot smoke, eat, or drink in the vehicles.

Passengers are responsible to see that their personal items, and packages, are loaded,
and unloaded from the vehicles. Please check your seat before leaving the vehicle.

No pets of any kind are allowed to be transported in the STAR vehicles unless it is a
personal trained service animal.

When shopping, passengers are limited to bring four paper bags, or the equivalent of
four full bags of groceries, in the STAR vehicles. Drivers will assist in loading the
packages into the vehicles, curb-side at the store, and unloading them at their door at
home. (Drivers are not allowed to enter passengers’ homes) No package, or item, is
to weigh more than twenty pounds. (Please refer to the STAR SHOPPING POLICY for
more information)

Passengers are required to fill out an emergency form, with phone numbers of relatives
or neighbors, to be kept on file in the STAR office, and to update them as needed.
Non-compliance with STAR's policies and regulations may result in loss of service.

The drivers' main responsibility is to drive safely. They also assist with packages;
provide light assistance in-and-out of the vehicles, and to-and-from doors, upon request.
If passengers require more than light assistance, they are required to provide their own
personal care giver, 18 years of age or older, to assist them to-and-from the STAR
vehicle. (Drivers are not allowed to enter passengers’ homes)

-STAR Transportation is committed to providing a safe, reliable, and efficient service.
-It is responsible for abiding by all of its transportation policies, and adhering to all
applicable federal, state, and local regulations.
-It maintains an alcohol and drug-free work place.
-Its vehicles are kept clean and are maintained in a safe working order.
-The STAR drivers do daily vehicle inspections and report any problems to their
supervisor immediately. If a problem is found the vehicle is inspected by a certified
mechanic to see if it is safe to drive. If it is found unsafe to drive, the vehicle is pulled
off the road until the repairs are done.

Safety is the most important factor in providing transportation service.

The STAR employees have Chauffer licenses. They view material on; Blood-Borne
Pathogens; and Americans with Disabilities Act; which are required by law;

STAR employees have had training in:
•  vehicle operation
•  vehicle inspection
•  Wheelchair lift operation
•  use of emergency equipment

STAR employees also go through an orientation process when they hire in, where they
are trained in the vehicle they will be driving, as well as operational and safety

New employees are required to pass a Physical and have their driving records’ checked
by the Secretary of State's offices, and have a background check. Physicals and driver
license checks are repeated yearly. They are also required to have a pre-employment
drug screening test, and are subject to unannounced random drug and alcohol testing.

If a vehicle accident or emergency occurs, passengers are to follow the driver's
instructions. An orderly evacuation of the vehicle may occur if the driver decides it is
necessary. Passengers are to stay off the road-way and in a safe location until further
notification. No smoking is allowed.

If a medical incident occurs with a passenger in our vehicle, we will call 911. It is our
responsibility to do this even if the passenger or family disagrees. We will also call that
passengers emergency contact and make them aware of the incident.

DNR Documents: We will not be responsible for documentation in regard to a Do Not
Resuscitate order that our drivers may or may not have. We suggest that this
information be given by you to your emergency contacts and medical professionals

If driving is hazardous, and the roads and sidewalks are slippery, with snow and ice, at
the beginning of the workday, or if the Romeo School District is closed because of
inclement weather, STAR Transportation may close and cancel all rides for the day.
Passengers, who have already arrived at their destination, by transportation other than
STAR, will need to provide their own transportation home.

If a storm moves in during the day and roads and walks become slippery with snow and
ice, STAR will cancel all pick-ups for the rest of the day, with the exception of riders
already at their destinations. They will be picked up by STAR and returned to their
homes as soon as possible. If passengers refuse to leave early, they are responsible for
providing their own transportation home.

It is the policy of STAR Transportation and the Romeo-Washington-Bruce Parks and
Recreation Commission to provide equal transportation, and courteous service, to all
passengers as it relates to assisting; scheduling; hours of service; and destination.

STAR Transportation is supported by a local millage from the Townships of Bruce and
Washington, which has always been approved by an overwhelming majority of voters,
plus municipal and community credits received from SMART. The approval of our
local millage demonstrates our community's commitment to the needs of our area's
population of older adults, and individuals with disabilities. Any comments, or
suggestions, on our service are always welcome. For further information, please call
STAR Transportation at (586)752-9010.